Open Source Weekly

A weekly letter of the best projects, people and articles on open source, curated by hand.

While developing Bloom I realized how much I love open source. So I decided to share this passion with the world. Whether it be in software, in hardware, in education, in ecology, in science or in agriculture, open source have proved its superiority.

However it's very difficult to find interesting and quality content in this ocean: just GitHub had over 100M repositories in 2018 🤔

This is why I created the Open Source Weekly letter: the best projects, people and articles on open source, curated by hand.

Whether you want to make your first contribution, discover interesting projects or people, I will do my best to satisfy you.
I believe we are just at the beginning of the open source revolution and this is my contribution to spread its greatness.

by Sylvain Kerkour
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Past Issues

Issue #5

Welcome for your weekly dose of inspiring open source projects! Open source is more than ever relevant in these tough times and the world is slowly discovering that centralization and closed ecosystems literally kill people 😷 Projects Drop-in Minimal CSS This is THE revelation of the week. We can code websites without using HTML classes by simply styling native HTML elements like nav, footer, main… This is really great because then we can completely change the theme of websites by simply changing the stylesheet.

Issue #4

You are certainly asking yourself what to do with this sudden amount of free time now we are all in quarantine and no longer have to commute every day. The answer is obvious: VIDEO GAMES!!!! Welcome for a special edition of dedicated to gaming 🕹️ Gaming on Linux You no longer need windows for gaming, really (Nabil 👋). Thanks to a joint effort between the community and some companies like Valve (which have great interest not to rely on Microsoft Windows, which is trying to eat their game distribution market).

Issue #3

While pursuing my goal to use 100% Free and Open Source software, I created my Fediverse account yesterday to gradually replace Twitter. You can follow me to never miss one of my posts or ideas 👋 If you don't have a Fediverse account yet you can create one here: What is the Fediverse and why is it better than Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and SoundCloud combined? I will explain everything in detail in a future issue :) Projects https://github.

Issue #2

Thank you everyone for your positive feedback! It’s really encouraging 🤗 To the enthusiastic person who emailed me about the PinePhone but never received a response, sorry, I inadvertently deleted your email before replying 🙃 Projects Podman (Apache 2.0) This is THE discovery of the week. I was more and more irritated by Docker’s ecosystem, which is becoming more closed day after day (need to create an account to download, and so on…).

Issue #1

Hello world! Thank you for subscribing to Open Source Weekly. If you have any feedback, feel free to respond to this email or open a ticket on GitLab. Enjoy your reading :) Projects Mattermost (AGPL v3.0 or commercial) What Slack do with your chat data? You don’t know, and neither do I. Take back control of your group chats with Mattermost, an open source and efficient slack alternative that you can self-host.